Our Applications Cover Diverse Corporate Markets

AI-Powered Data & Document Anonymization, Redaction & Masking Software

Responsibly share sensitive data and documents with confidence using state-of-the-art anonymization, redaction, and masking technology

Meet Data Sharing Needs With Significant Time Savings

Automate the process of redacting, anonymizing, or masking non-commercial and commercially confidential information (CCI) and personal protected data with TRUSANO AI technology.

Protect Information

Maintain the integrity of your data and ensure the privacy of stakeholders through our cloud technology.

Fully Configurable

Configure TRUSANO to your specifications, knowing we are architected for scale and the future of data sharing needs.

Quantify Risk

Quantify the risk of re-identification and generate risk assessment reports automatically.

Our Reputation Speaks Volumes

Our platform is widely-used by organizations and industry leaders worldwide

Industry Agnostic Solutions

TRUSANO provides fast, affordable, and state-of-the-art technology tailored to the global data needs of today.

No matter the industry, TRUSANO AI Technology Can protect individual privacy and comply with data protection regulations

Industries that we support include:

Banking, Finance, Government & Public Sector, Hospitals & Healthcare, Human Resources, Insurance, Legal, Marketing & Advertising Agencies, Research & Academia, Social Media, Statistical Models, Technology, Transportation & Logistics, Travel, and more.


Experience up to 80% efficiency Gains

With TRUSANO, users who redact information from unstructured documents can experience massive efficiency gains, compared to manual effort.


the perfect choice for All Data Sharing needs

We are backed by TrialAssure® — an award-winning clinical trial and human health data transparency software suite, founded in 2009.

Safeguard Sensitive Data & Documents

TRUSANO AI technology provides the ability to handle data and document anonymization, redaction, or masking. Yes, there is a difference!


Alter commercial or personally identifiable information from data, ensuring that individuals cannot be identified from the remaining information.


Remove specific information from a document or record to protect sensitive or confidential details from being disclosed.


Obscure or replace sensitive data with realistic but fictitious values, maintaining data usability while protecting sensitive information.

The Software You Always Hoped For

Have confidence knowing the arduous process of anonymization, redaction, and masking can now be done quicker and more accurately.